Created in July 1998 by the guitarists Sandro D Beast and Bruno Montejorge, the heavy metal band Disharmonic Fields has only got a solid formation in October 2000, when the singer Nelson Küster, the bass player Eloi Bilek and the drummer André Scuissiatto joined the group. From then on, it did not take long for the band to take part in the Brazilian heavy metal scene. Performing in Curitiba, Disharmonic Fields usually inserts among its own compositions some good old heavy metal songs of the eighties, certainly Disharmonic Fields’ strongest influence. July 2001 marks a new phase for the group with the conclusion of their first demo CD, Beyond The Black Horizon. This CD contains 5 songs and it tries to give heavy metal fans a sample of the band’s diversity of influences, influences that go from traditional heavy metal to prog metal, noticeable respectively in “Blinded” and “The Day After”.

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In 2003 Disharmonic Fields records its first official cd called “Killing Hopes”. Unfortunally, the album’s released was delayed in almost two years due several problems with a label from Sao Paulo who didn’t keep its word with the band. In 2004 Bruno leaves the band for not being able to mix his professional life with the band and Disharmonic Fields becomes a quartet. At this moment, the band releases the second full lenght album called DEVIL’S WEAPON SHOT.

The name Disharmonic Fields comes from a joke with the musical expression harmonic field and it also tries to attract attention to today’s lack of harmony, in a general sense, no matter if it is symbolized by wars between nations or by conflicts of a disturbed mind.